Vizcaya Fresh





Vizcaya Fresh! Organic Advocates Incorporated is a SEC-registered non-profit corporation engaged in production, promotion and marketing of organic products from Nueva Vizcaya province.

Also it is a social business and organized in 2013 by GLM Institute of Japan (GLMi) and Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM) and other stakeholders in the province.

In addition, it was an offshoot of the Support to Improve Livelihood of Farmers through Production of Organic and Reduced-Chemical Produce in Nueva Vizcaya (SILFOR NV) project funded by a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) of Japan.

Correspondingly, Vizcaya Fresh! is story of development, international cooperation, caring for environment & humanity and dedication & service.


In particular, we are the leading organization in terms of organic in the whole region and nearby provinces.

Vizcaya Fresh! offer good tasting organic fruits & vegetables produced by the small scale upland farmers of Nueva Vizcaya.

We select and train small scale Vizcayano farmers who can meet our standards in organic farming.

Our farmer producers follow strict standards with frequent monitoring by Vizcaya Fresh! and partners.

Markedly, this organization is a producer, marketer, and advocate of organically-grown & chemical free products.

In addition to that, it is being managed by highly trained community development workers in the fields of forestry, agriculture, social enterprise, research and gender and development.

Moreover, we are following (Participatory Guarantee System) PGS as a guarantee system in assurance of product quality.  In detail, PGS is system based on direct personal relationships between the consumers and producers, thus it normally favors direct or short-distance market relationships.

In view of organic, we are strictly following DO’s and DONT’s  with regards to organic farming.


To make Vizcaya known as “Organic State” by approaching whole supply chain. It aims to contribute to sustainable food system by promoting Nueva Vizcaya’s ORGANIC, HEALTHY, and QUALITY vegetables, native and seasonal fruits, and other special products.


Vizcaya FRESH! Organic Advocates Inc. promotes and markets quality and healthy produce by developing capacity of partner-farmers to enhance fairer and more sustainable trading of such products.